The Discreet Weave Online Hair Extensions Course


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  • ABT accredited
  • Learn in the comfort of your own home at your own pace
  • Full training manual
  • Course guide
  • Step by step videos
  • One to one live assessment
  • Certificates sent on completion of live assessment



The Discreet weave method ensures there are no visible attachments at the base or on top of the weft. The Discreet weave is a similar fitting to the micro Weave in regards to placement, however your weft placement and stitching very is different. The Discreet weave is a combination of both micro ring attachments and a hair weft. Small sections of the natural hair are threaded through each tiny micro ring, the micro ring is clamped flat to secure in place. Your bottom weft is stitched in position under the micro beads firstly, then your top weft is stitched over the top of the micro beads. Creating a sandwich with the beads hidden in between each weft. Creating, The Discreet weave.


With over a decade of experience working and fitting hair extensions, we can provide the most up to date training methods and advise on what to expect moving forward in your new career. All our online training courses are split into theory, practical and step by step videos to ensure a full understanding of consultation to fitting. We are confident that everyone who completes the online courses will feel comfortable in both aspects of fittings, placing hair extensions, aftercare and consultation.


Lush Lengths training academy is accredited by ABT, ensuring you will be fully insured once you have completed one of our courses.
Once you have completed your online training, you will be asked to do a live assessment with one of our tutors.
This will include fitting your chosen application of extensions, this can be completed using a dolls head. You will have the opportunity to ask your tutor any questions one to one, or if you need any further education. We believe practice makes perfect, you can practice and learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

Once you feel confident to do your assessment, well be ready waiting. This can be completed live using zoom etc, we would try and complete this within 3 months of your training.
Once you have completed your live assessment we will send you your certificate


Our courses are designed for anyone who has a natural flare for doing hair and is looking for a new profitable career or hairdressers wanting to add extra skills to their portfolio and earn an extra income.
We believe all the courses and are suitable and designed for anyone to learn as you can learn at your own place. Our many videos are broken are broken down into step by step sections so you can learn at your own pace. We offer discounts if you wish to study more than one course, please ask for more details.
We offer on going support for all students before and after your courses.

You will then have full access to your pre-study manual, course manual and several step by step videos.
You can also contact our trainers anytime via email, social media and phone before and after your course.


• How to carry out a professional consultation with your client.
• Choosing the correct, length, colour, weight and type of hair
extensions for your client.
• Health & safety & Hygiene in the work place.
• Contraindications related to hair extensions.
• Storing and handling client information.
• GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
• After care and client waiver.
• Equipment list you will need for each fitting.
• How to fit the hair extensions correctly.
• How to cut and blend the hair extensions.
• Removing and re-fitting the hair extensions.
• Maintenance and advise for your client.
• Opening trade accounts and pricing yourself.
• Promotion and Social media.


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